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What is periodontics?

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Looking after your teeth is so important, and there are a lot of different procedures that have to happen in order to help you care for your pearly whites. That’s why it is important to make sure you are focused on doing as much as you can to improve your oral hygiene, and visiting our practice is one of the best places to start with this. 

At Personal Care Dentistry, we are dedicated to giving you the best possible treatment at all times and making you feel comfortable with the process. We understand that a trip to the dentists can be a cause of panic for a lot of people, and we work hard to try to make this the best possible experience. So, if you live in and around Roseville, Minnesota, and you’re seeking periodontics treatment, you should get in touch.

What is periodontics?

Periodontics is the name given to the wide range of treatments that focus on the hard and soft tissues that support your teeth and hold their position in the jaw. This means that there is a focus on things like the gums and the jaw bone, and treatments involved in looking after these. If you have ever suffered from something like gingivitis or periodontitis, periodontics would be the form of treatments that would have been used to help with this. Periodontics is a little different to regular forms of dentistry, and there are a lot of different treatments in this area that you are going to need to look at and take advantage of as much as possible. 

What procedures are done by a periodontist?

Periodontists are experts specially trained and skilled in dealing with periodontal treatments, and they are integral to great teeth care and hygiene. If you are seeking periodontics in Roseville, MN it is important to first understand what periodontists do. The procedures that are carried out by a periodontist include things like scaling and root planing, which allows for the infected areas of the teeth to be cleaned and treated. They also remove damaged tissue and use an array of techniques to help treat and prevent different forms of gum disease. 

Why you should use our practice

We pride ourselves on the fact that we offer some of the leading periodontal treatment options in Roseville, Minnesota and beyond. So, if you are looking for excellence in the field of periodontics in Roseville, MN then you should head down to our practice. Our skilled periodontists will use dental x-rays to assess the condition of your teeth and gums and determine what sort of treatment is required. They will also talk you through the process and what you can expect from it. 

Make sure you head over to our practice so that you can use some of the best periodontics treatments that we offer. Our periodontist experts offer cutting-edge treatments when it comes to treating periodontics issues for patients in the Roseville, Minnesota area. Looking after your teeth and gums is so important, and there are a lot of factors to keep in mind with this when you are looking to improve and enhance your oral health. 

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