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Dr. Kyle Hunt, Dr. Walter Hunt, DR. Andrew Heinsisch. Personal Care Dentistry. General, Cosmetic, Restorative, Preventative, Family Dentist, Botox, Invisalign, Dental Implants, Emergency Dental Services, Crowns, TMD, Extractions, Periodontal Treatments Dentist in Roseville, MN 55113

Dr. Kyle Hunt, DDS

“Every Patient I See is Treated with Compassion and Excellence.”

Dr. Kyle Hunt is a 2014 graduate of the dental school at the University of Illinois (Chicago), after also earning an undergraduate degree in chemistry at Gustavus Adolphus College in 2010. He is the son of Personal Care Dentistry’s founder, Dr. Walter Hunt, and has been helping out in the practice since he was 10 years old.

In 2024, Dr. Kyle Hunt took over ownership of the practice from his father, Dr. Walter Hunt, who founded the practice in 1977. Dr. Walter Hunt continues to work in the practice.

“Being able to start my career as a dentist at Personal Care Dentistry, and now take over the business from my dad, has been a dream come true for me,” says Dr. Kyle Hunt. “I feel very fortunate to have had years of my dad’s mentorship and guidance, and I know it has helped to greatly enhance my skills as a dentist and business leader.”

Since joining the practice in 2014, Dr. Kyle Hunt has successfully treated thousands of Personal Care Dentistry patients. With focuses on crowns/bridges, root canal therapy, restorative fillings, cosmetic dentistry/smile makeovers, and TMJ and migraine headache therapy using Botox, Dr. Kyle Hunt continues to broaden his skillset in order to deliver the best care to his patients as possible.

What motivates Dr. Kyle Hunt as a dentist? “Ultimately, to help people,” he says. “To use the skills I have and will continue to develop to help people be more confident in their smile and their oral health, and to make sure every patient I see is treated with compassion and excellence.”

“I have always been proud to follow in my dad’s footsteps. This profession allows us as providers to form lifelong connections with wonderful patients, and to help them along their journey of dental health and happiness. My dad has created a mindset and culture here at PCD that is unmatched. I am honored and excited to continue the legacy that he has built since 1977,” says Dr. Kyle Hunt with a smile.

In October of 2019 Dr. Kyle Hunt married his wife, Greta. Greta graduated from the Minneapolis School of Anesthesia in December 2021, and now works as a Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) for Associated Anesthesiologists. In April 2023 they welcomed their son Jackson to the world, and they have enjoyed raising their family including Louis (labradoodle) and Henry (goldendoodle) in North Oaks where Dr. Kyle originally grew up.

When he’s not taking care of his patients at Personal Care Dentistry, Dr. Kyle Hunt enjoys a wide range of hobbies. He has completed numerous marathons and triathlons, likes to golf and play tennis, and enjoys watching Minnesota sports. He also loves to cook for friends and family, including everything from creating a multi-course tasting menu to smoking a brisket in the backyard. His favorite pastime, though, is a weekend at the cabin with his family, boating, wakeboarding and just relaxing.

Dr. Kyle Hunt, Dr. Walter Hunt, DR. Andrew Heinsisch. Personal Care Dentistry. General, Cosmetic, Restorative, Preventative, Family Dentist, Botox, Invisalign, Dental Implants, Emergency Dental Services, Crowns, TMD, Extractions, Periodontal Treatments Dentist in Roseville, MN 55113
Dentist & Founder

Dr. Walter Hunt, DDS

 “This Is My Passion”

In 1977, Dr. Walter Hunt founded Personal Care Dentistry in a small office space with three employees on Hamline Avenue in Roseville. He had just graduated from the University of Minnesota’s School of Dentistry and he was determined to build a different kind of dental practice, one that focused on what he calls the “Golden Rule of Dentistry” – caring for all of his patients the way he would care for his own family.

Now, almost five decades later, Personal Care Dentistry has grown to take up the entire third floor of the office building on Hamline Avenue where he started his practice. Three dentists and more than 30 staff blend the latest technology with a gentle touch in a warm, caring and compassionate atmosphere. And the entire care team at Personal Care Dentistry still follows the Golden Rule of Dentistry each and every day. “We take the time to really listen to our patients and provide close, personal attention to best customize their care,” emphasizes Dr. Walter Hunt . “I know the kind of care that I demand as a patient, and that is the kind of care that I strive to provide. I call it the ‘Golden Rule Dentistry.’ It is a philosophy shared by all of our staff members.”

In 2024, Dr. Walter Hunt passed along ownership of the practice to his son, Dr. Kyle Hunt, who has worked at the practice since 2014. But Dr. Walter Hunt plans on working in the practice for many years to come.

Dr. Kyle Hunt shares his father’s never-ending quest for excellence in dental care, as do all of the dentists, dental assistants, hygienists and office staff at Personal Care Dentistry. It has resulted in a chest full of awards from fellow dentists and consumers, including:

◊ Voted ‘Favorite Neighborhood Dentist’ by NextDoor readers for 7 consecutive years

◊ More than 650 reviews on Google that are 5-Stars

◊ ‘Top Dentist’ by Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine for 4 years

◊ ‘Top Dentist’ by Roseville Review readers for 9 years

◊ ‘Top Dentist’ by Minnesota Monthly for 3 years

◊ Angie’s List Super Service award for 5 years

◊ ‘People Love Us on Yelp award

◊ ‘Best Dentist’ in St. Paul by

◊ Doctors in the Community ‘Leading Dentist’

“Our patients truly feel we are an extension of their family and that they can always depend on us to provide excellent care based on compassion, respect and personalized service,” emphasizes Dr. Walter Hunt . “We believe in a conservative approach to care, which means that we don’t recommend care that is not necessary at the time they come in for an appointment. Our motto is ‘We Serve the World’s Greatest Patients’ and we take that approach with each of our patients.”

Dr. Walter Hunt ’s approach to patient care and his “Golden Rule of Dentistry” have roots that go back much further than his 47-year dental career. Dr. Walter Hunt  grew up in northwestern Indiana in a small town named Merrillville. By the time his family moved to Minnesota at the beginning of his junior year of high school, he had become an accomplished athlete in both football and baseball. It was then that he also reached a defining moment in his life, one that has influenced his approach to life and dentistry.

“My family didn’t have much money – we lived in a poor neighborhood in Merrillville – so I had a lot of friends who were also poor. But because I was a good athlete in football and baseball, I also had a group of friends who came from families with money. And I didn’t like the way the kids with money would treat the poor kids. It was then that I vowed that I would always treat everyone equally with the same amount of caring and respect,” emphasizes Dr. Walter Hunt . “The worth of a person should not be defined by what they have or how they look.”

For Dr. Walter Hunt , being a dentist and the founder of Personal Care Dentistry is not a job. It is a passion. He has had the same goal for almost half a century – treat people with dignity and respect, and as a dentist, provide them with the best care possible. “This is my passion, and this is how I can contribute to helping other people have better lives. Even today, I still feel like I get more out of caring for others than they do. I love being here at Personal Care Dentistry,” says Dr. Walter Hunt .

Dr. Walter Hunt  has many hobbies and interests, but his real passion is nature photography. Nearly every picture hanging throughout the practice is one he took on his many travels across the globe! He also loves sports, (especially baseball – he played as a pitcher and second baseman in a men’s over 35 league until a hip injury forced him to retire when he was 59), plays the guitar like you wouldn’t believe, enjoys traveling and spending time at the cabin with his wife, Michelle and his four grown “boys” and their families.

Dr. Kyle Hunt, Dr. Walter Hunt, DR. Andrew Heinsisch. Personal Care Dentistry. General, Cosmetic, Restorative, Preventative, Family Dentist, Botox, Invisalign, Dental Implants, Emergency Dental Services, Crowns, TMD, Extractions, Periodontal Treatments Dentist in Roseville, MN 55113

Dr. Andrew Heinisch, DDS

“This Is a Practice That Values Building Person-to-Person Relationships”

When Dr. Andrew Heinisch decided to move his dental career to the Twin Cities in the Fall of 2018 from Worthington, Minnesota, he had a wide range of options in where he would practice and how he would practice. “I looked at both private practices and chain practices, in both downtown locations and suburban offices. But I kept finding that their goal was not to develop patient relationships based on trust and quality of care.”

But when Dr. Andrew Heinisch interviewed with Dr. Walter Hunt, founder of Personal Care Dentistry, and spent time getting to know some of the care team at the Roseville practice, he knew he had found a new home. “They really do provide personal care at Personal Care Dentistry,” he says. “I knew pretty quickly that it was a practice that fit me.”

Since joining the Personal Care Dentistry team in 2018, Dr. Andrew Heinisch’s initial impressions have been accurate. “This is a practice that values building person-to-person relationships with their patients. They treat their patients as people, not a set of teeth. The staff are very kind and are genuine in the way they treat patients and talk to them. I see a lot of smiling team members at Personal Care Dentistry.”

That approach to patients fits Dr. Andrew Heinisch’s philosophy. “Dentistry should revolve around the patient, and if they are happy I am happy.”

Dr. Andrew Henisch grew up in St. Paul and went to Harding High School. He worked office jobs in two Twin Cities hospitals after he graduated from high school, including three years when he managed to juggle both full-time jobs. Eventually he decided to enroll at the University of Minnesota as an undergraduate and majored in biochemistry. He worked the entire time he was at the U of M, and also volunteered at the Union Gospel Mission and taught GED classes in math and science. Dr. Andrew Heinisch graduated in 2010 from the University of Minnesota, and then was accepted in the dental program at the University of Iowa.

“I was attracted to dentistry because it is a medical profession that is its own specialty and I was always attracted to the medical field,” notes Dr. Andrew Heinisch. “I have always been interested in oral health and dentistry was the perfect field for me to pursue.”

Dr. Andrew Heinisch graduated in 2014 with a dental degree, and joined a practice in Iowa Falls that had several clinics in Iowa and Minnesota. He worked in their clinics in Fort Dodge and in Des Moines for a year, and then moved up to Worthington, Minnesota in 2015 to work in their dental office.

He believes in giving back to his community. “I have always wanted to serve underprivileged populations. I was on a Kiwanis board and helped with a free clinic – we offered services to people who couldn’t get service.”

Dr. Andrew Heinisch lives in Woodbury and has one daughter– Nadia – who was born in the summer of 2018. He likes to bike and kayak and spend time in his kitchen baking. His favorite pastime is hanging out with Nadia and exploring the Twin Cities and Minnesota.

Meet Our Team Leaders

Our team of dentists, dental assistants, hygienists, financial advisers, receptionists, and administrative staff make Personal Care Dentistry one of the best places for dental care in the Roseville, MN area. We understand that every patient is unique, and we make a very conscious effort to pair you with a personable care team member that will best fit your dental needs as well as your personality. Some of us are the “bubbly, extra-friendly” type, while others are the “quieter dental artisan” type… We have expertly trained staff to match your personality and oral health needs. Our amazing team is truly what makes our practice a GREAT place to work and the perfect choice as your new dental home.

Dr. Kyle Hunt, Dr. Walter Hunt, DR. Andrew Heinsisch. Personal Care Dentistry. General, Cosmetic, Restorative, Preventative, Family Dentist, Botox, Invisalign, Dental Implants, Emergency Dental Services, Crowns, TMD, Extractions, Periodontal Treatments Dentist in Roseville, MN 55113
Office Manager

Brandy Fulton

“We Truly Care About the Patients We Treat”

Brandy Fulton is the Office Manager at Personal Care Dentistry and if that sounds like a big job, that’s because it is. Her primary role is to keep Personal Care Dentistry’s schedule full, but she is also intensely driven to get patients the care and treatment they need.

Brandy brings a trove of experience to the practice that is matched by her desire to help people achieve the highest level of oral healthcare.  Her love of dentistry started when she was growing up outside of Pittsburgh in Irwin, Pennsylvania. “In high school I attended a career day field trip and was fascinated by dental practice. My passion is in the medical-dental profession,” she says. “I’ve been in the dental field since graduating from dental assisting school and have enjoyed many roles in the profession.” Brandy also served eight years in active duty with the Air Force and has been stationed in Colorado, Germany, New Mexico and Minneapolis. After active duty, she spent another 12 years serving our country in the Air Force reserves.

She also worked at a large dental center for 18 years before coming to PCD in 2010. Her role in the office is varied from designing treatment plans and quoting services to coordinating payment plans. Brandy manages accounts receivable, collections, insurance statements and works diligently to resolve billing issues, but her favorite part of the job is working directly with patients. “I love my position here and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else,” states Brandy adding, “The best part of my job is working one-on-one with people. I want patients to have a positive experience with the dental care they receive and with financial options. I am an advocate for our patients and I want them to know that no treatment is too big or too small for payment options.”

Brandy’s affable nature and caring disposition endear her to the people she works with. “I love what I do and I think that really comes out. I try to find a commonality with individuals and I enjoy getting to know new faces and catching up with our existing patients,” she says. “We truly care about the people we work with and the patients we treat. It’s not just lip service.”

Knowledge is the key work attribute for Brandy and continuous learning is just part of her job. “The more I know, the more valuable I am to my employer, coworkers and patients. I am always learning. It’s empowering and humbling at the same time,” notes Brandy. “I figure if I’ve learned something new today, I’ve earned my paycheck.”

As part of her growing knowledge base Brandy is helping to coordinate cross-training within the office as she continues to work closely with the front desk. “Cross-training becomes very important if one area gets overwhelmed another staff member can pick up the ball and run with it. And there is no ‘How do I do this or that’ if someone is out of the office.”

When asked about future goals Brandy says, “I want to continue learning, becoming more valuable and doing a great job. Ongoing training is important and I hope to elevate that within the practice. I want to exceed expectations and drive Dr. Hunt’s vision.”

Outside of the office Brandy enjoys cooking, reading and gardening. “I also work out at the YMCA every day and I love golfing in my woman’s league.” Brandy and her husband enjoy traveling with their adult son and teenage daughter as well. “We’re a very close family and vacation together. My husband talks about retirement, but I’ve got a few more good years left in me here at PCD,” she jokes.

Dr. Kyle Hunt, Dr. Walter Hunt, DR. Andrew Heinsisch. Personal Care Dentistry. General, Cosmetic, Restorative, Preventative, Family Dentist, Botox, Invisalign, Dental Implants, Emergency Dental Services, Crowns, TMD, Extractions, Periodontal Treatments Dentist in Roseville, MN 55113
Hygiene Team Leader

Kari Olson

“Our Patients Are Like Family”

As Dental Hygiene Team Leader, Kari Olson is a friendly, familiar face at Personal Care Dentistry. She joined the practice in 2010 and her responsibilities include hiring and coaching her hygiene staff, working with the dentists, and helping patients achieve optimal oral health.

Kari’s education includes an associate degree in Dental Assisting from Herzing University. After earning her degree, she spent four years at a small dental office in that role. “My love of dentistry helped me see I wanted to further my education and in 2007 I returned to school,” says Kari. In 2010 she graduated once again from Herzing University, this time with her Dental Hygienist License and started at Personal Care Dentistry on a very part-time basis. “I wanted more independence and one-on-one time with patients. Being a hygienist allows me to build relationships with the people I treat,” she says.

“When I started here I immediately loved the environment. It’s a super-friendly place to work and everyone is so positive,” notes Kari. “The practice I worked at before was poorly managed and it was highly stressful. I didn’t like going to work there. I feel very lucky to be at Personal Care Dentistry. This practice runs like a well-oiled machine,” she says with a smile.

On her initial start in the office she says, “I only worked four hours a week because nobody ever leaves this practice. People truly care here. It just grew from there, my hours increased to full-time and Dr. Hunt eventually made me the Hygiene Lead.”

Kari speaks about her place of work with enthusiasm and warmth. “PCD is amazing. Many of our patients come from word-of-mouth so Dr. Hunt is obviously doing something right. I have a sense of pride being part of this team.” She talks about the staff with genuine affection saying, “We all get along. Our team is incredible. It’s so nice to work some place where you know your team has your back. If I’m out of the office for any length of time I genuinely miss everyone here. All of us strive for the same thing – The Golden Rule,” Kari says, referring to Dr. Hunt’s belief that every member of the staff treat people as they would want to be treated themselves.

When speaking about treating patients, comfort is king with Kari. “I always ask what I can do to make them more comfortable in my chair. Reading body language is important and if I can sense they are uneasy I will do what I can to make them comfy. I’m passionate about doing a good job for them.” About her chair-side manner Kari clearly conveys a sense of caring compassion. “I don’t want people to feel like just a number… they really matter to me. I love getting to know patients and catching up with them when they come in,” she says.

Asked about her future goals Kari states, “I never want to be stagnant. I strive to be the best hygienist I possibly can be and continue to hone my treatment skills. I want to be perpetually learning and growing this incredible practice with Dr. Hunt.”

Outside of work Kari enjoys spending time with her husband, friends and family – especially her two young nieces. She has a terrier mix dog named Lola that she calls a little diva. “I love to laugh and have fun,” says Kari. “I like to think I’m the right amount of easy going.”

Dr. Kyle Hunt, Dr. Walter Hunt, DR. Andrew Heinsisch. Personal Care Dentistry. General, Cosmetic, Restorative, Preventative, Family Dentist, Botox, Invisalign, Dental Implants, Emergency Dental Services, Crowns, TMD, Extractions, Periodontal Treatments Dentist in Roseville, MN 55113
New Patient Coordinator

Kelsey Kusterman

“Everyone On Our Team Strives for Excellence in Patient Care”

Kelsey Kusterman is the face and voice of Personal Care Dentistry when new patients walk in the door for their first appointment. As the practice’s New Patient Coordinator, Kelsey provides each new patient with an extensive tour of the clinic’s 8,000 square feet of state-of-the-art facilities, then sits down with each patient to initially assess what are their oral health care needs. Once they have been guided to either the hygiene team or the dental group for a chairside evaluation and/or treatment, she visits again with the patient to review their proposed treatment plan and insurance coverage. She also follows up with the patient after their first visit to find out how they are doing.

Kelsey joined Personal Care Dentistry in September 2020 as a front desk assistant, and was promoted to her New Patient Coordinator position in December 2020. Kelsey grew up with Personal Care Dentistry in her life, since she and her family have been patients of PCD for many years.

One of the main guiding principles of Personal Care Dentistry really resonates with Kelsey. “Dr. Walter Hunt calls it the Golden Rule of Dentistry and it is the idea that all patients should be treated the same way that the dental care team would want to be treated if they were patients – with compassion, dignity, and excellence.

“That approach to patient care and customer service is something I’ve always tried to deliver in my past jobs,” notes Kelsey. “I worked for almost a decade as a server, and I always tried to serve my customers as if they were my mom. You need to be genuine in how you treat people and always have their best interests in mind.”

Kelsey grew up in St. Anthony Park and went to Roseville High School (which is just blocks from Personal Care Dentistry). After high school she attended the University of Minnesota, but decided after a semester and a half that she preferred working rather than going to school. She initially worked at a video production company in Shoreview as an editor and in color correction, spending a lot of time on corporate video projects (and even working on a History Channel TV show at one point). After getting laid off in 2011, she worked for almost a decade as a server and assistant manager at the Green Mill at Rosedale Center, but was laid off again during the COVID pandemic.

“I was looking to leave the restaurant industry anyway, because the hours are hard (lots of weekends and evenings), and it can be a difficult atmosphere to work in. So when the position opened up at Personal Care Dentistry, I felt like I could be successful there because the customer service skills I had developed would translate to the position they had available.”

“This is a wonderful work environment to be a part of,” emphasizes Kelsey. “I really like everyone who works here. They all have the same mentality of patient service and they are really genuine. I hope to be here for a really long time.”

According to Brandy Fulton, PCD’s Office Manager and Kelsey’s supervisor, Kelsey is “super sweet and nice, very inquisitive, quite bright and a quick learner. You can just tell she is very kind. She’s a good communicator and very detail oriented.”

Kelsey and her husband Joe live in White Bear Lake. She has two kids – 20-year-old Sophia and 5-year-old Corinne – and doesn’t have a lot of free time. “When I do have time, I like to play cards and board games, or do puzzles or crossword puzzles. Plus my husband and I are big video game fans. I might eventually get back to drawing or painting, which I did a lot of when I was growing up. But I really don’t have the time now with two kids.”

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