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Are Dental Implants The Right Solution?Affectionate couple smiling

Because of advances in dental science in the last two decades, dental implants have become a viable alternative for replacing missing teeth. Dr. Walter Hunt at Personal Care Dentistry has extensive experience and excellent success rates in using implants to help patients replace teeth, relieve pain, restore chewing ability and improve facial tissues in the process. Dental implants are natural looking, secure and durable, lasting for years to come.

Dr. Walter Hunt at Personal Care Dentistry can evaluate your dental needs and let you know if dental implants would be the right solution for your unique case. He will thoroughly examine your existing teeth and bones, your lower and upper jaws, and your gum before recommending implants. Most patients with adequate bone mass can qualify for dental implants, although it varies among individuals. Typically an X-ray and CT-scan are performed to determine if you have enough bone to place the implant, as well as to verify the size and kind of implant that should be placed.

If the implant site does not have enough bone volume to support the appropriate-sized implant, you will need a bone graft. Bone loss can be the result from periodontal disease, injuries, cysts, infections or an extracted tooth. Bone grafts are very safe and effective in the dental implant restoration. Once it is placed, it will help replace missing bone, stimulate bone formation and increase bone volume.

dental implants demonstrationStructurally, dental implants are titanium-based posts that are surgically positioned into the jawbone beneath your gums where a lost tooth’s root once lived. During the following three to six months, your bones grow around and adapt to the implant as if they were natural roots. Once the implants are firmly in place and the surrounding gum tissue is strong, they are ready to support a crown or restored tooth. Implants can also be used to support full or partial dentures, dramatically improving denture retention and stability. When the process is completed, the “new” teeth are often hard to tell apart from a patient’s original teeth.

Because implants fuse to your jawbone, they provide stable support for artificial teeth. Dentures and bridges mounted to implants won’t slip or shift in your mouth an especially important benefit when eating and speaking. This secure fit helps the dentures and bridges as well as individual crowns placed over implants feel more natural than conventional bridges or dentures.

For some people, ordinary bridges and dentures are simply not comfortable or even possible, due to sore spots, poor ridges or gagging. In addition, ordinary bridges must be attached to teeth on either side of the space left by the missing tooth. An advantage of implants is that no adjacent teeth need to be prepared or ground down to hold your new replacement tooth/teeth in place.

If you would like more information about dental implants and if they are the right solution for your oral health needs, make an appointment for a free dental implant consultation with Dr. Walter Hunt at Personal Care Dentistry in Roseville, MN.

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Six Reasons Why Dental Implants Might Be the Best OptionSmiling senior woman

Missing teeth can have a huge impact on a person’s health and confidence. Often, those missing teeth make it difficult to chew, which affects your diet. Facial features can change if there is bone loss in conjunction with the missing teeth. And for many people with missing teeth, their confidence takes a hit because they are so self-confident about how they look and how they eat.

Historically, dental bridges and dentures have been the primary solution to helping people with missing teeth. But the development of dental implants has provided patients with a new choice that can be a “game-changer” for a patient’s life.

Here are six reasons why a dental implant might be the right choice for you if you are missing teeth.

1. Prevents Bone Loss

If you replace a lost tooth with a dental implant, it will prevent the bone from starting to reabsorb because it replaces the root. If you don’t take this approach, you may eventually require a bone graft because of the bone reabsorption process. You will need to make sure that too much time doesn’t pass between when you lose your tooth and begin the dental implant process.

2. Enhances Your Quality of Life

Implants look and feel like your own teeth, so your quality of life is bound to be improved. Dental bridges and dentures can be difficult to take care of and wear, and dental crowns can feel and look like they aren’t natural.

3. Eating Is Easier – Which Helps You Be Healthier

With dental bridges, dentures and crowns, eating can be a hassle. You may have problems with certain types of foods (crunchy or sticky foods can be difficult) adversely impacting the crown, denture or bridge. If you have a dental implant, you won’t have to worry about a bridge or denture slipping or a crown coming off.  Crunchy vegies, chewy steak, sticky caramel rolls – none of them will present a problem chewing if you have implants. And since you will be able to thoroughly chew your food with implants, your digestion will improve and so will your health.

4. Stop WorryingSmart businessman with glasses posing

Your dental implant won’t slip or move when you chew food, laugh, cough or sneeze. They are permanently attached to your jawbone and are as sturdy as natural teeth that are healthy.

5. Naturally Restores Your Mouth

An implant is the best dental approach to replicating the original tooth that you lost. It matches the structure of the original tooth as close as possible and is the sturdiest and most natural looking option available.

6. Food Can Have Flavor

For folks who wear an upper denture, the full flavor of any food they eat is seriously reduced. With a dental implant, you won’t have that problem. You’ll be able to enjoy the full flavor of whatever food you are eating.

If you would like more information about the advantages of dental implants, the procedure to put them into your mouth, and their cost, meet with Dr. Walter Hunt at Personal Care Dentistry for a complimentary consultation.

 Meet Your Dental Implant Specialist

 Dr. Walter Hunt Brings 40+ Years of Dental Expertise and A Passion to Help His Patients

Dr. Hunt with a patientIf you’re serious about finding a solution to missing teeth that are affecting your smile, your self-confidence and perhaps your overall health, then you need to schedule a dental implant consultation with Dr. Walter Hunt at Personal Care Dentistry.

Dr. Hunt founded Personal Care Dentistry in 1977 on Hamline Avenue in Roseville. More than 40 years later, his practice has grown to take up the entire third floor of the office building on Hamline Avenue where he started his practice. Four dentists and more than 30 staff blend the latest technology with a gentle touch in a warm, caring and compassionate atmosphere.

For decades, Dr. Hunt has been the practice’s lead dentist on dental implants. Dr. Hunt has helped hundreds of patients end years of misery from missing teeth. His experience, combined with some of the latest technology, positions him as a leader in the Twin Cities in dental implants.

“We take the time to really listen to our patients and provide close, personal attention to best customize their care,” emphasizes Dr. Hunt. “I know the kind of care that I demand as a patient, and that is the kind of care that I strive to provide. I call it the ‘Golden Rule Dentistry.’ It is a philosophy shared by all of our staff members.”

This never-ending quest for excellence in dental care by Dr. Hunt has been embraced by all of the dentists, dental assistants, hygienists and office staff at Personal Care Dentistry. It has resulted in a chest full of awards from fellow dentists and consumers, including:Dr. Hunt with John

◊ ‘Top Dentist’ by Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine for 4 years
◊ ‘Top Dentist’ by Roseville Review readers for 9 years
◊ ‘Top Dentist’ by Minnesota Monthly for 3 years
◊  Angie’s List Super Service award for 5 years

“Our patients truly feel we are an extension of their family and that they can always depend on us to provide excellent care based on compassion, respect and personalized service,” emphasizes Dr. Hunt. “We believe in a conservative approach to care, which means that we don’t recommend care that is not necessary at the time they come in for an appointment. Our motto is ‘We Serve the World’s Greatest Patients’ and we take that approach with each of our patients.”

X-Guide image

We Use the Latest Implant Technology!

At Personal Care Dentistry, we combine decades of experience helping hundreds of patients with dental implants while using cutting-edge technology. The industry-leading X-Guide® surgical system paired with Cone Beam 3D imaging allows us to provide our patients with the most accurate implant surgery. With X-Guide Navigated surgery, Dr. Walter Hunt at Personal Care Dentistry utilizes live, 3D views of anatomy – it’s like real-time directions during your procedure to place the implant exactly where it should be. The surgeon’s control and precision over the entire implant process is elevated.

The result? The ability to deliver a more desirable functional and aesthetic outcome in dental implant surgeries. To watch an informative video about the X-Guide® surgical system, click here.

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