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Personal Care Dentistry Staff News and Notes

We have anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, new babies and lots of other fun news about the care team at Personal Care Dentistry. Find out what many of them have been up to lately.

Front Desk Team

2016 is turning out to be a big year for Sue Anderson. She was recently chosen as the Personal Care Dentistry employee of the year, and has a 46th wedding anniversary later this year. Sue’s been at PCD for nearly 17 years. Double congrats, Sue!
Lynn had a big birthday this year (you wouldn’t believe her age if we told you) and welcomed two new grandchildren into her life. She now has 7 grandkids! That should keep her very busy!
Becky celebrated her 20th wedding anniversary this year and her son graduated from college as a diesel mechanic and is now working for Peterbilt.
Victoria’s new house in Wisconsin just got finished and she and her husband are excited to finally move in!
Katie’s baby just turned 1 we’ve never seen the little one in person (just photos), but she looks just like her mom!
Emily and Allie both moved in 2016 and are happily settling into their new places.
And Jessie’s two kids started first and third grade this fall. Oh, the joys of a first-grader’s first day of school!

Dental Assisting Team
Tiffany had a baby girl named Riley in April. And she already has a built-in baby sitter her other daughter is 9 and loves telling Tiffany how to be a mom!
Teresa is enrolled in hygiene school during the day and works a late shift at Personal Care Dentistry after school. She’s hoping to stay at PCD once she finishes her studies and work on the dental hygiene team.
Vesna’s daughters had big days recently  one started kindergarten and the other first grade! Congrats!
Nancy is working on her bucket list of life goals and having fun pursuing them.
Jean’s thinking about retirement in the very near future, but she hasn’t set an exact date yet. We will greatly miss her when she decides to finally retire!
Dionne is busy with home DIY projects. She put in her own flooring in her house (our knees are aching just thinking about it), loves to renovate furniture and even installed her own countertops in the kitchen. Now that is one handy dental assistant!
Financial Team
Brandy, PCD’s financial coordinator, has a 35th wedding anniversary trip coming up with her husband Bruce. They are headed to St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands with three other couples. Combined, the four couples have been married 123 years. Wow!

Hygiene Team
Jenna is getting married on Sept. 29 to her fiancé Dustin. Congrats!
Kim celebrated her 38th anniversary at Personal Care Dentistry in August! She remembers when PCD was a couple of treatment rooms and a waiting room and Dr. Hunt was just out of dental school!
Brenda has another grandchild coming in November and her grandson turns 1 the same month! She’s going to be a busy grandma and loves it!
Missy’s daughter Nora turned 1 at the end of August. My, how time flies!
Tiffany Sand is due in November she’s expecting a baby girl. And her son Lucas will be 2 ½ when his new sister arrives.

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