COVID-19 Procedures: Keeping You Safe

We are pleased to provide our patients with a safe dental care experience during the COVID-19 pandemic when they come in for an appointment to our clinic. Although a few things might look and feel different from our pre-pandemic procedures, we continue to provide the quality service that we have been delivering to our patients since 1977.

We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding during this stressful time and look forward to seeing “The World’s Greatest Patients”!

Our COVID-19 safety procedures include:

We continually monitor and follow the recommendations of the CDC, ADA & Minnesota Board of Dentistry.

All patients will be screened for COVID-19 symptoms during their appointment confirmation call. When  they check in at the clinic, they are asked to complete and sign a screening form and a disclosure form.

We ask that if you are not feeling well that you reschedule your appointment.

Patients are required to wear a mask into the clinic prior to and after dental treatment.

Only patients are allowed in the clinic – family must wait outside. Exceptions are the parent of a child who has an appointment and elderly or disabled patients who need assistance from a care giver.

When arriving at the clinic there is a hand sanitizer station outside our office front door. Please use it. 

All patient’s temperatures are aken with a no-touch thermometer at check in by a front desk staff member.

The front desk staff are in masks.

There will be an $11 charge for each patient for Personal Protective Equipment (most insurance is covering this); if it is included in your insurance adjustments will be made on your behalf.

The waiting room has been reconfigured for social distancing.

Computer keyboards in the waiting area have plastic covers that are sanitized after every patient use. In addition, all pens and clipboards are wiped down after each use.

Common areas are wiped down routinely throughout the day.

All doors are kept open to reduce having to touch door handles.

Bottled water, coffee and tea have been removed.

There are no magazines in the waiting room.

Play area has been closed.

Patient flow is circular to keep traffic in the hallways to a minimum and reduce face-to-face hallway contact.

All care team staff are in personal protective equipment (PPE), including Level 3 masks and safety glasses or face shields.

Our team members only come to work if they are 100% healthy. Each one will have their temperature taken when they come to PCD.

Personal Care Dentistry has purchased a washer and dryer which is onsite and each care team member’s scrubs are washed/dried at the end of each day or more frequently as necessary.

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