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What do I do if I Have a Broken Tooth in Roseville, MN

What do I do if I Have a Broken Tooth in Roseville, MN personal care dentistry dentist in roseville mn

Although teeth are powerful, they are not invincible. Being hit in the face or mouth, falling, or biting down on something hard can result in tooth injuries. If you have a broken, cracked, or chipped tooth, it is vital to repair it as quickly as possible. If you wait too long, the tooth may get much more damaged or infected, necessitating more severe treatment. So, what do you do if you have a broken tooth?


Call Personal Care Dentistry Immediately

Because we only get one set of adult teeth, you must do all possible to safeguard your smile. Call our Roseville emergency dentist immediately if you’ve fractured a tooth. Our experts can assist you in determining the severity of your emergency and provide treatment options.

Next, gather all the pieces of your broken tooth. Then rinse your mouth out with warm saltwater. If you are experiencing any bleeding, place some gauze inside your mouth and gently bite down to apply pressure to the area. If you don’t have any gauze, a tea bag makes an excellent substitution. Pressure will hopefully stop the bleeding. If the bleeding doesn’t stop after 10 minutes, come to our office as soon as possible. You can use a cold compress or ice pack to help reduce any swelling. Then take some over-the-counter pain medication, like Ibuprofen, if you are still experiencing pain or discomfort. 


How Can Dr. Hunt Fix My Broken Tooth?

The most important thing is not to ignore a damaged tooth. Tooth decay will be more probable in the damaged area. Untreated cracks and chips can cause teeth to fall off at the root, resulting in intense pain and the need for an emergency tooth extraction. The extent of the damage will determine the steps we’ll need to take to fix your tooth.


Dental Bonding

Your tooth may require a filling if it has minor fractures. Dr. Hunt will use a tooth-colored composite resin to restore front teeth, a procedure known as bonding. Bonding usually does not require anesthesia because it is such a simple procedure. He will first roughen the tooth before applying the glue. He will then use the bonding substance to shape it to look like your natural tooth. Finally, Dr. Hunt will cure the material with ultraviolet light.



We use dental veneers to repair damaged front teeth because they produce the most natural-looking and beautiful results. Dr. Hunt will design a very thin shell to cover the entire damaged tooth in this situation. There’s no need to be concerned about the color because we make veneers from tooth-colored materials. It not only fixes the chip or cracks but also improves the overall appearance of the damaged tooth.


Dental Crowns

Crowns are a typical restorative therapy for teeth that have been damaged or broken. Dr. Hunt may need to perform a root canal and rebuild the structure before placing a dental crown if the tooth’s root is still intact after the fracturing. A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap that protects your natural tooth. If you’ve lost a lot of your natural tooth, we’ll shape what’s left and then cover it with a crown.


Dental Implant

If we cannot salvage your tooth, you may require a dental implant. Dr. Hunt cannot fix it once a fractured tooth extends below the gum line. The remaining portion of the tooth is removed in this case. We will insert a little screw into the gumline. This titanium screw subsequently serves as the root of your tooth. After the screw has fully healed and settled into your gums, an abutment is created, and a dental crown is attached to it.


Ready to Have that Damaged Tooth Repaired?

If so, then please call us! The longer you delay repairing a cracked tooth, the greater the risk of an infection developing. If you are experiencing pain in your teeth from a possible cracked tooth, come to Personal Care Dentistry for an emergency dental appointment in Roseville, MN.

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