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Timely and Efficient Dental Care

Here are some comments from recent patients at Personal Care Dentistry about the timely and efficient dental care they received.

Super Quick and Absolutely Painless! – Greta S.
Very friendly and inviting staff! Dr. Kyle was amazing and very calming. The whole process was super quick and absolutely painless. I’ll definitely be back. May 10, 2017
Professional and Personable – Pat A.
Dr. Kyle dealt with my issue quickly and effectively – and in a friendly manner. May 2, 2017
Quick Efficient Work – Katie L.
I was seen for a bite adjustment for a crown done by a previous office. I was seen quickly and my bite was adjusted perfectly and painlessly, it feels like I have a whole new mouth free of pain for the first time in a year. May 1, 2017
Perfect Balance Between Friendly Providers and Efficient Thorough Procedures. – Beth A.
In and out in 45 minutes made me appreciate the practice’s provider protocols. April 25, 2017

Super-Fast and Painless Cavity Filling for My 9-Year-Old – Evan M.
She was in and out in 10 minutes or less and came out with a smile. Nothing like the dentists I had when I was nine! April 20, 2017

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