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Teeth Whitening in Roseville, MN

Teeth Whitening in Roseville, MN Personal Care dentistry dentist in roseville MN Dr. Walter Hunt DDS Dr. Kyle Hunt DDS Dr. Andrew Heinisch DDS

Brighten your smile with teeth whitening in Roseville, MN, at Personal Care Dentistry. Our dentists are dedicated to helping you achieve your dream smile through teeth whitening. At Personal Care Dentistry, we offer professional at-home teeth whitening solutions. 


Why Choose Teeth Whitening in Roseville, MN?

Many patients want to whiten their teeth, but they are unsure where to start. At Personal Care Dentistry, we walk you through the whole teeth whitening process. We recommend that patients undergo professional teeth whitening at our office instead of using over-the-counter products. Professional teeth whitening is more accurate and more effective. Additionally, a dentist will supervise the treatment with professional teeth whitening, ensuring that the treatment does not damage your oral health. 


Why Does Tooth Discoloration Happen?

Patients who want teeth whitening in Roseville often ask us why they experience tooth discoloration. Tooth discoloration can happen for a variety of reasons. Everyday food and drink can contribute to tooth discoloration, age, and tobacco use. Patients who have experienced trauma to the mouth may also have tooth discoloration. Many patients who take certain medications such as allergy medicines (antihistamines), antipsychotics, or high blood pressure medications may experience a dry mouth which can contribute to tooth discoloration. If you are worried about the cause of your tooth discoloration, talk to one of our dentists at Personal Care Dentistry for more information on how to decrease tooth discoloration. 


What is At-Home Teeth Whitening?

At Personal Care Dentistry, we recommend that patients use at-home professional teeth whitening. With this option, we create a custom teeth-whitening tray for our patients. We will take an impression of your teeth during your initial consultation, which we will send to a lab, and a custom whitening tray will be made. A custom whitening tray is different from a retainer because it has pockets in the tray where the whitening solution sits. Next, your dentist will give you a whitening solution to place in the tray. The strength of the whitening solution will depend on the amount of time that you will wear your tray every day and the results you desire. 


What is in a Teeth Whitening Solution?

If you use teeth whitening in Roseville from Personal Care Dentistry, your dentist will probably use a teeth whitening solution with carbamide peroxide. Carbamide peroxide breaks down into urea and hydrogen peroxide. These solutions create a weak acid that breaks down the stains on your teeth. We recommend that patients who have tooth sensitivity do not whiten their teeth. The weak acid in the whitening solution can cause dentinal tubules in your teeth which are small tubes that stretch from the outside of your tooth to the center of the tooth. The tubule exposes the tooth’s inner nerves to the outside world, causing tooth sensitivity. If you typically do not have tooth sensitivity, you may experience sensitivity in the first few days following the whitening treatment. 


Other Options for Teeth Whitening

You may want to use other whitening products following your whitening treatment or even before the treatment. At Personal Care Dentistry, we recommend whitening toothpaste and mouthwash in addition to your at-home treatment. Whitening toothpaste can help to whiten your teeth a few shades lighter. Typical whitening toothpaste has a mild-abrasive solution that etches off the stains on the tooth’s outer surface, called the enamel. Similar to traditional teeth whitening, whitening toothpaste can cause tooth sensitivity and should be used under a dentist’s direction. Like other at-home whitening gels, whitening mouthwash contains hydrogen peroxide and whitens your teeth as the solution is rinsed around the mouth. We recommend that patients rinse their mouth for sixty seconds before spitting it out with the mouthwash. You may not notice whiter teeth for up to 12 weeks. 

At Personal Care Dentistry, we work hard to help you achieve your dream smile. We offer teeth whitening in Roseville, MN, for patients who want a whiter and brighter smile. For more information about teeth whitening in Roseville, MN, or to schedule an appointment, call our office.

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