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Take Our Healthy Nutrition, Healthy Teeth Quiz

Good nutrition and good oral health are directly linked. Find out your nutrition IQ in our Dental Health Quiz. You’ll find the answers at the bottom of the page below the photo. But no peeking until you answer all the questions!

  1. How many servings of vegetables do we need each day? A) 6-11 B) 2-3 C) 3-5 D) 1-2


  1. What Vitamin is known as sunshine vitamin? A) Vitamin D B) Vitamin K C) Vitamin C D) Vitamin B12


  1. What is fluoride? A) A man-made chemical B) A natural mineral found in drinking water C) A volcanic ash D) Bacteria


  1. Which of the following nutrients is needed to build and maintain the structural components of the body? A) Carbohydrates B) Fat C) Fiber D) Protein


  1. The dairy group (milk, cheese and yogurt) are important for_____? A) Healthy skin B) Improved vision C) Building strong bones and teeth D) Building muscle


  1. Foods from the meat, poultry, fish, dry beans, eggs and nuts group are an important source of ________? A) Iron B) Fiber C) Beta Carotene D) Calcium


  1. Which of these is NOT considered a nutrient? A) Vitamins B) Minerals C) Fiber D) Fats


  1. Which of these is added to the food label because people sometimes don’t eat ENOUGH of this? A) Fat B) Calcium C) Sodium D) Cholesterol


  1. Which of these foods/drink have antibacterial qualities that help prevent tooth decay? A) Green Tea B) Coffee C) Broccoli D) Lemons


  1. This nutrient is needed for a healthy immune system. A) Fiber B) Vitamin K C) Fluoride D) Vitamin C


  1. If you do not get enough iron… A) Your skin will be dry and flaky B) Your eyesight will be poor C) You will feel tired and weak D) You will have soft bones.

Answer Key:
1) C  2) A  3) B  4) D  5) C  6) A  7) C  8) B  9) A  10) D  11) C  12) C

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