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3-D Imaging Boasts Many Benefits  for Personal Care Dentistry Patients
We live in a fast-paced and busy world where much focus has been put onto our personal health.  It’s not just about what we consume and how much we exercise, but the other choices we make regarding our health.  Radiation and its’ effects on our bodies has been a growing concern.  How much time we spend in the sun and how we protect our skin are just the beginning.  Your dentist, too, can take precautions regarding your radiation exposure.
The GALILEOS 3-D dental imaging system used by Personal Care Dentistry provides patients with the highest level of safety by ensuring the lowest effective dose while taking x-rays and scans.  This state-of-the-art machine combines the highest resolution, 3-dimensional scan with the patient’s safety in mind.  This 3-D scan quickly and accurately reveals the anatomic structures beneath the surface which in turn makes diagnosis and treatment planning much simpler and more accurate.
This advanced technology was developed in Germany in conjunction with Siemens Medical.  The GALILEOS is touted to be the most studied and researched method available for dentistry.  A clinic with this technology offers convenience and flexibility to the patient at an affordable price.  With a long-standing history in the medical community, GALILEOS technology and expertise blow the competition out of the water.
As you can see, there are many things we can do to better our health.  We can eat right and exercise, but let’s not forgot the other ways to protect ourselves.  GALILEOS 3-D imaging provides both the doctor and patient with many benefits.  Check out the following benefits of using this 3-D scan technology:

  • Lowest patient dose of radiation
  • Provides increased accuracy in diagnosis and treatment planning
  • Patient convenience – no need to go elsewhere for the scan
  • Captures more anatomical structure than other machines


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