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Signs You Might Have a Dental Emergency in Roseville, MN

Dental problems are something that you don’t want to be dealing with too often over your lifetime. If you’re faced with persistent problems, then you need to address them immediately, just like any other health problems. There are occasions where you might need emergency dental care in Roseville MN, and here are some signs to look for:


Pain In The Gums Or Teeth

Pain is something that you might feel in your mouth occasionally, and usually, this is sensitivity at most. However, if you’re getting pain in your teeth or gums that is proving to be a regular thing, then you need to see a dentist. This is something that might go away, but that doesn’t mean the problem goes away. It could become more of an underlying problem further down the line and so much so that it causes significant issues such as a loss of teeth. Your oral care is very important to the rest of your body and can impact it in different ways.


Bad Breath

No one likes to have bad breath, and neither should others have to endure it when they’re speaking to someone with a less than fresh breath. It’s worth noting that bad breath doesn’t come from just your teeth and poor hygiene in that respect, it can also come from bacteria on your tongue and around your gums. It’s worth introducing dental floss and mouthwash to your brushing routine and see whether that makes much of a difference. You should also try and brush your teeth after you’ve eaten so that food isn’t just sitting in your mouth, especially when it’s pungent. 

Loss Of Teeth

An emergency dental situation should be most obvious when your teeth are falling out. Loss of teeth can be terrifying, but it’s worth remembering that there are options out there, should you need to explore options. If you’re losing teeth or your teeth feel loose, then it’s worth booking in an appointment with our practice. The best thing to do is not panic, keep hold of the tooth if you can, and then your chosen dentist can help discuss the paths to go down depending on your circumstances and needs.


Bleeding Of The Gums

Gums are just as important as your teeth, and it’s important that you monitor your gum health. If they’re too pale or too dark, then there could be some problems lying within your gums, and that’s not good for the stability of your teeth. Bleeding gums can sometimes occur when you have brushed your teeth or gums too hard, but if it’s persistent bleeding, it’s worth checking to see that this isn’t something you need to be concerned about.

Dental problems are serious, and it’s important you follow up any concerns you might have, despite whether they’re big or small. They’re just as important as any other health concern. If you’re worried and you are in the Roseville area, it’s worth reaching out to us about emergency dental care.

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