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Say Goodbye to Your Dental Fears at Personal Care Dentistry

Many of our new patients are among the 50% of Americans who dread going to the dentist. That dental phobia seems to always change once those new patients complete their first visit at Personal Care Dentistry. Why? Because we have nearly 40 years of experience understanding our patients’ anxiety and working to help them alleviate their fear. We treat our patients like they are family – with compassion, respect and the highest quality care.
Take a look at what recent patients wrote about Personal Care Dentistry and then give us a call to make an appointment. You’ll find a warm, caring, gentle dental care team who will work with you to alleviate your dental fears.
Best Dental Clinic Ever
I never thought I would write the words “I love my dental hygienist”… but there it is. As someone with a deep phobia of dentist offices, Personal Care Dentistry has gone out of their way to make the experience much less frightening. I would highly recommend making an appointment here if you are as scared of having someone’s hands in your mouth as I was. You will not be disappointed. Carrie F.
It Was Great
I have never really liked going to the dentist but I really like Dr. Kyle Hunt and Kelly is a great hygienist they are very personal and professional. I would encourage anyone who is looking for a new dentist to check them out. Nate T.
Best Dental Experience Ever!
I had not been to the dentist in over eight years. Needless to say, I was very anxious about my visit. My dental hygienist, Kim, was outstanding! She explained everything that we would be doing and continually checked on my comfort level. It was truly the best dental experience I’ve ever had. Holly B.
Excellent, Friendly Service
I used to LOATHE going to the dentist until I started going to Personal Care Dentistry. Great service, friendly people! Jonah S.
I Hardly Fear Going to the Dentist These Days
I love these guys, wonderful, caring, professional, understanding, and thorough. The whole staff is amazing!! Shawna F.
Consistently Excellent Service
This is a prompt and professional staff, and as one who has experienced many dentists and many varied procedures over the years, I count them the best I’ve come across. Dale V.           
Wow! Going to This Dentist From Now On
As a person slightly afraid of going to a dentist I was so happy that I discovered Dr. Hunt. The assistant was very gentle yet thorough. Office is attractive and comfortable. I will have no problem going to this dentist from now on. Thanks. Marlys H.
Excellent Service
I urgently needed a root canal done. I had heard many horror stories about this procedure. Dr. Kyle Hunt saw me right away, and he was extremely friendly, gentle, and I am pain free! Jeff L.
Best Dentist Experience In My 40 Years On Earth!
Very courteous and professional staff (Everyone is always smiling) The doctor was amazing! I am extremely sensitive to pain and I did not feel a thing! Wouldn’t fix my teeth anywhere else from now on! Kwame O.

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