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In-House Dental Plan


Our in-house comprehensive plan is an annual dental membership plan for individuals and families without dental insurance.

This plan cannot be used in conjunction with any other plans or insurances. There are no waiting periods, no maximum limitations, family, or individual deductibles. Membership begins from your enrollment date for 12 consecutive months.


  • Two preventative cleanings per year
  • Or two Periodontal Maintenance cleanings per year at a discounted rate
  • Two annual exams (periodic) per year
  • Four bitewing, panoramic OR full-mouth series X-rays (as needed)
  • One fluoride treatment per year
  • Additional 20% courtesy on other dental procedures (excluding implant or ortho services)
  • Additional 15% courtesy on implant or ortho services

Initial membership is $405 annually per patient (includes 1.6% MN care tax $6.28). Child dependents are $355 annually per child (includes 1.6% MN care tax $5.58). See below for dependent eligibility.

Eligible family members include dependent children under age 19 (up to 26 if full-time student).
All in-house plan fees are due at time of service. There are no refunds. Plan cannot be paid for through CareCredit.

Questions? Ask at our front desk.

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