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I Want to Give Each Patient a Personal, Caring Experience

Get to Know Kim Bruss, Dental Hygienist at Personal Care Dentistry

When Kim Bruss looks back at her 39 years as a dental hygienist at Personal Care Dentistry, she marvels at the changes that she has witnessed during those nearly four decades. She has watched the practice grow from a couple of employees and 500 square feet to the nearly 30 employees and 8,000 square feet that now distinguish the practice. She has seen Dr. Kyle Hunt go from a toddler who would visit the practice with his dad, Dr. Walter Hunt, to being a key member of the care team as a dentist.
Through all the changes, Kim has also noticed how much the practice hasn’t changed and that is a good thing. She’s loved working with the dental care team at Personal Care Dentistry it’s been a great opportunity for me she says.
The hygiene team has grown by leaps and bounds over the years and it’s refreshing to see that new and experienced hygienists can work together with all of the doctors, assistants, and front desk staff to give our patients quality, professional dental care!

The favorite part of Kim’s job is the relationships she has built with her patients.
Being a dental hygienist gives me the opportunity to work one-on-one with our patients, says Kim. It has been both rewarding and challenging to step up to each new day in the dental office as each patient brings their own ‘story’ into our practice.
Kim notes that when she cares for a patient, they receive my full attention! It is important to me to listen to every patient at every appointment. Different times in their lives present different circumstances to consider in their dental care and treatment. Some patients are very fearful of the dental visit and I want to give each patient a personal, caring dental experience.
Personal Care Dentistry’s 40-year focus on practicing the Golden Rule of Dentistry” – to treat patients as we want to be treated has helped Kim develop wonderful relationships with what she describes as our great patients and staff!
Another constant in Kim’s years at Personal Care Dentistry has been the never-ending focus on technology in the practice. As a practice, we’ve always wanted to be on the ‘cutting edge’ for our patients!
While Kim loves working at Personal Care Dentistry, she also values a balance between her professional life as a hygienist and her personal life. My family is top priority. I am blessed to have a very kind and caring husband and together we have two sons who are both married and each has two children. We all enjoy being active and enjoy the outdoors. We love camping, biking, hiking, and kayaking!
Kim has no plans on retiring anytime soon. She wants to continue to make a difference in the lives of her patients as part of the team at Personal Care Dentistry.
I thank all of our wonderful, longtime dental patients and our awesome staff for the impact that you all have had on my life journey, Kim says with a smile. I hope that in some small way I am able to make your dental visits more enjoyable!
Keep smiling and enjoy each day!

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