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I Love Going to Work and Helping People

Dr. Teo Baylon, D.D.S. | Dentist
When Dr. Teo Baylon joined Personal Care Dentistry in 2013 she brought with her a wealth of skill and experience as well as her own style of compassionate care. Born in Bulgaria, Dr. Baylon (her patients call her Dr. Teo) came to Minnesota with her family when she was 15-years-old. Throughout high school and college she had an aptitude and interest in math, but decided at the last minute to enroll in dental school.
Through her studies, research, teaching and practice she honed her skills, but her interest in dentistry came at a very young age. As a very young girl I was always fascinated by all the tools and small compartments in the dentist’s office, says Dr. Teo, whose ever-so-slight Bulgarian accent adds to her charm as she reminisces about her childhood. My dentist noticed my interest and gave me my own set of dental tools. I would go home and line up all my dolls and pretend to fix their teeth. She also received encouragement from family. My grandmother would let me work on her dentures as well. She wouldn’t let anyone else touch them but me, she remembers affectionately.
As a graduate from the University of Minnesota Dental School, Dr. Teo completed an Advanced Education in General Dentistry Program at Wisconsin’s Marquette University School of Dentistry where she was a clinical instructor for undergraduate dental students. Dr. Teo has practiced in both community and private settings focusing on prosthodontics (cosmetic dentistry) and oral surgery as well as pediatric dentistry. Prior to her career at Personal Care Dentistry she worked for a fast-paced cosmetic dentistry office in Manhattan, New York, but moved back to Minnesota to be closer to family. It was very different in New York. It was not as compassionate or caring. Here I get to connect with my patients, says Dr. Teo. Dr. Hunt was expanding the practice and needed another dentist so I joined the team to help them grow.
About her work environment Dr. Teo says, We all have different styles that complement each other. I’m honest and I have a very strong personality, but I don’t always need to be the leader. I work very well with other strong personalities. The doctors work as a team and there are no surprises. We just do what makes sense.

Dr. Teo engages her patients by getting them involved in their treatment.

I listen to my patients. We’ll talk through their dental history and issues they are having. “I’ll listen for cues about how they like to be treated. I want them to feel in control and make them comfortable, she says. Her techniques and her chair-side manner let the patient direct how she proceeds. I’ll propose ways to get the work done and help put them at ease. Some people want to know every part of the process and I will talk them through step-by-step. Some don’t want to know so I don’t tell them. I try to distract their brains to think about the positive end-result.
Her interest in the people she treats goes beyond her desire to provide optimal care. When they leave the office, I want my patients to not only have a step toward better health, but to have a great experience. I want them to have fun and have a great day, explains Dr. Teo, adding, I love going to work and helping people. It’s a natural part of my day and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.
When not in the office, Dr. Teo loves to travel with her husband and enjoys being outside. It’s not often that I’m able to travel but it gives me an appreciation for life, she says. We have a lot of projects around the house as well. It’s no surprise that Dr. Teo is a fitness fanatic taking yoga classes and lifting weights. I love moving the body and being healthy. It’s a passion of mine. I used to dance more. I did traditional Bulgarian dances as well as ballroom and Latin dancing. She also expresses her creative side through painting and drawing.
Speaking with Dr. Teo you get a sense of her self-confident yet charming disposition. She is confident when she speaks, but never overbearing. I’m maybe a little too flexible sometimes. I’m agreeable and tolerant, but I have a threshold.”

“I’m a passionate person and I support and protect the things I’m passionate about – like dentistry.”

Asked about her future goals she says, I want to optimize my time and find more balance in life. I always want to be growing and improving. I want to develop more and learn more. I never want to settle at where I am at today. I want to be a better person and a better dentist for our patients.

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