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    How Many of These Dental Fun Facts Can You Get Correct?

    Take this month’s quiz on dental-related fun facts and see how many you can get correct.


    Question #1

    How much does an elephant’s tooth weigh? a) One Pound b.) Four Pounds c.) Six Pounds d.) Ten Pounds

    Question #2

    Over a lifetime you create enough saliva to fill: a) A Kiddie Pool b.) A Hot Tub c.) Two Swimming Pools d.) Lake Superior

    Question #3

    A drop of saliva has more than: a) 100 Bacteria b.) 100,000 Bacteria c.) 1 Million Bacteria d.) 100 Million Bacteria

    Question #4

    What is the most common toothbrush color? a) Red b.) Blue c.) Green d.) Pink

    Question #5

    How long have people been using the toothbrush? a) 200 Years b.) 1,000 Years c.) 3,000 Years d.) 10,000 Years

    Question #6

    What percent of adults do not brush twice a day? a) 25% b.) 35% c.) 55% d.) 65%

    Question #7

    How many days does a person spend brushing their teeth over a lifetime? a) 17 Days b.) 26 Days c.) 38 Days d.) 47 Days

    Question #8

    If you don’t floss how much of the tooth surface are you missing? a) 25% b.) 35% c.) 45% d.) 50%

    Question #9

    Flossing daily can extend your life: a) Two Years b.) Three Years c.) Four Years d.) Six Years

    Question #10

    How many fillings does the average person have? a) Two b.) Four c.) Seven d.) Ten

    Question #11

    What percent of adults have had a tooth extracted? a) 22% b.) 43% c.) 65% d.) 74%

    Question #12

    What percent of adults have no natural teeth? a) 6% b.) 10% c.) 12% d.) 20%

    If you want to know the answers, check the bottom of this page. But don’t peek until you answer all the questions!





    Dental Quiz Answer Key

    1. C
    2. C
    3. D
    4. B
    5. C
    6. A
    7. C
    8. B
    9. D
    10. C
    11. D
    12. A
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