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Help Us Deliver The Best Christmas Ever to a Needy Twin Cities Family

Personal Care Dentistry has joined the BCE Movement to help deliver The Best Christmas Ever to a very deserving Twin Cities family who are raising their own kids along with several adopted children. They need help this holiday season both financially and with holiday gifts for all the kids. These are folks who would literally give the clothes off their backs to help other people less fortunate. The husband and wife have been putting their own needs aside to assure these children have a home.  The children they have adopted have come from extremely abusive homes and troubled lives in which some now have many health problems and mental issues. They have taken them in to assure they have a loving home and someone who cares and loves for them. Because of this large family of 12 they now have, they have a hard time paying normal every day  bills and have suffered without many needs so that they can provide a roof over their heads.
We are asking our patients to help us pay it forward by helping this deserving family have a very merry Christmas.

Patients and friends of Personal Care Dentistry can help out two ways: 1) choose one or more gift tags from the giving tree at Personal Care Dentistry, purchase the gift or gifts noted, and drop them off at Personal Care Dentistry, or 2) go to the giving page for Team Christmas Spirit (that’s our team) and make a cash donation with your credit card or Paypal account. Our goal is to raise $5,000 to help this Twin Cities family in need.
We have a wish list put together by folks who know the family. You’ll find these gifts also listed on the giving tree at Personal Care Dentistry. All help is greatly appreciated. Any dollar amount works for the gift cards listed. Thanks in advance!

Boy Age 15

  • Vikings tickets
  • Under Armour gift card
  • PlayStation store gift card
  • Basketball hoop
  • Sporting goods store gift card
  • Dungeons and Dragons player’s handbook
  • Vikings jersey or sweatshirt, size adult XL
  • Lids gift card

Girl Age 12

  • Jelly cat unicorn
  • 14k gold ball post earrings
  • H&M gift card
  • Hair salon gift card
  • Fishing pole/tackle
  • Figure skates size 8.5
  • Craft store gift card

Boy Age 9

  • Fishing pole/tackle
  • LEGO sets or LEGO store gift card
  • Under Armour gift card
  • DC or Marvel action figures (the Flash)
  • Archery set with target (not compound bow)
  • Sporting goods store gift card
  • Hockey skates size 6.5 or 7
  • Board games for ages 9+

Girl Age 9

  • Nintendo Switch
  • American Girl store gift card or doll outfits
  • Calico Critters sets
  • Build-a-Bear
  • Matchbox cars
  • Fishing pole/tackle
  • Target gift card
  • Art set
  • Justice gift card

Boy Age 7

  • Karaoke machine
  • Kids iPod with over the ear headphones
  • Big blocks
  • Work bench play set
  • Cleaning supply play set
  • Breyers Toy farm
  • Salon play set (hair brush/fake scissors/salon chair,etc.)
  • Water table

Girl Age 6

  • Minnesota Wild tickets
  • Make up set
  • Play jewelry/dress up
  • Art set
  • Arts and crafts kits
  • San Jose Sharks sweatshirt youth small
  • Breyers horse play set
  • LEGO friends
  • Star War toys
  • Cow girl boots size 13

Boy Age 4

  • Seuss books
  • Pre-school/kindergarten activity books
  • Beginner reading books
  • Breyers horse play set
  • Kitchen play set
  • Youth hockey skates size 9
  • Toy cars
  • Animal toy figures
  • Board games for ages 4+


  • Set of matching dishes
  • Anne Taylor Loft gift card
  • IKEA gift card


  • Vinyl records (The Who, Robert Plant, Larry Norman, Pink Floyd’s The Wall, Led Zeppelin, Rat Pack Christmas, Charlie Brown Christmas, Tom Petty, Black Sabbath, The Eagles)
  • Guitar Center gift card
  • Menard’s gift card
  • Macy’s gift card


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