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Dr. Marwa M. Gamam-Forest, D.D.S., Joins Personal Care Dentistry

Dr. Marwa M. Gamam-Forest earned both her undergraduate degree (in biology and physiology) and graduate degrees from the University of Minnesota. After earning her Doctor of Dental Surgery from the University of Minnesota in 2013, Dr. Forest spent a year as a General Practice Resident at Hennepin County Medical Center. I took the residency because I wanted oral surgery experience. I worked a lot with kids who were 5 years old and younger. It was an eye-opening experience that required a lot of patience. I am so glad I worked at HCMC.
After her residency, Dr. Forest practiced at a Metro Dentalcare location in Brooklyn Center for two years. The dental office gave her a lot of general dentistry experience which complemented her work in surgery at HCMC.
The opportunity at Personal Care Dentistry has her excited about her future as a dentist. This is an amazing clinic. You usually don’t see dental clinics where the patients are really happy and excited to come in for an appointment. There is such a good energy here and the staff is outstanding. I see a lot of respect from the staff toward our patients.
Dr. Forest’s philosophy of caring for her patients matches perfectly with the approach at Personal Care Dentistry. I think you should treat your patients like they are family, and Personal Care embodies that belief in everything they do. Here, we provide our patients with options for their care plans and we don’t push unnecessary care on them.
Dr. Forest grew up in the Twin Cities’ northwestern suburbs, and decided when she was in high school that she wanted to become a dentist. After shadowing a dentist in Blaine, she realized that dentistry offered her a combination of medical science, dental artistry, and helping people with their health care needs. I love doing things with my hands, notes Dr. Forest. Dentistry gave me the opportunity to blend all of those areas together, and I am so happy that I pursued this field. I love being a dentist!
Dr. Forest and her husband Christopher have twins Zakariya and Zayna who were born in in December 2015. In her spare time (which isn’t much these days), she enjoys running, boating and traveling.

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