Different Teeth Whitening Options We Offer

Our teeth are like our eyes – they are windows. When people look at them, they see habits, likes, and dislikes. If they have a yellow hue, for instance, it’s a sign that you are a smoker, whereas perfectly straight teeth symbolize excellent oral health and hygiene.

Although some people view teeth whitening treatments are indulgent, this is far from the truth. Teeth whitening services in Roseville, MN are incredibly popular among residents for the peace of mind and self-esteem boost they offer, not to mention the fact they are accessible and affordable.

Teeth Whitening Solutions in Roseville, Minnesota

If you’re searching for teeth whitening treatments in Roseville, Minnesota, you’ve come to the right place. At Personal Care Dentistry, we have a range of services designed to provide our patients with the happiness and confidence they deserve. Thanks to our experience serving the Roseville region and surrounding areas, our services are tailor-made for anybody who wants to repair discolored enamel and dentine.

Home Whitening Kits

We solve your problem via our home whitening kit. Don’t worry because it’s nothing like an over-the-counter product. Unlike kits you can’t trust, a Personal Care Dentistry treatment is prescription strength to ensure long-lasting effects.

All you need to do is speak to a member of our team and we’ll get you set up with a bespoke whitening kit right away. To do this, our dentists make impressions of teeth so that the trays are custom fit for the patient. Within the trays are the whitening solution, and you’ll receive instructions on when to wear them and for how long.

That’s it. No fuss or hassle, just top-quality results you can rely on in the comfort of your home.

Why Whiten Your Teeth?

You’re not alone in asking this question, but you’re not in the majority either. In the US alone, around 13% of the population was estimated to have used professional teeth whitening solutions in 2017. This was 45 million people then, so the number is bound to have skyrocketed in the last three years.

Here is a selection of the reasons why Roseville, MN residents might decide to whiten teeth.

To Be Less Self-conscious

Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with pristine mental health. Thankfully, a teeth whitening kit is an effective and straightforward cure. Once your teeth don’t play on your mind any longer, it’s one less thing to worry about, especially in social situations.

To Boost Maintenance

Humans are more likely to put in the effort if there is a goal. With clean teeth, this means you will go the extra mile to stop them from again becoming discolored and unclean. Lots of patients find it helps them drop habits that impact oral hygiene, too, such as smoking and drinking.

To Make An Excellent Impression

Whether we like it or not, appearances count because people use them to make an impression. Teeth whitening services in Roseville, Minnesota, will give you a better chance of wowing strangers, whether it’s at a dinner party or a job interview.
For more information regarding teeth whitening kits, please contact Personal Care Dentistry now to discuss your options.

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