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8 Common Myths of Tooth Extractions

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We perform tooth extractions for a variety of reasons. Whether one wants to remove their wisdom teeth, replace an infected one, or reduce crowding, we have a solution for everyone! Here are eight common myths we can bust to get you started on your tooth extraction adventure. Of course, we’re happy to provide further information, so call us anytime you’d like! And as always, we offer the highest-quality tooth extractions in Roseville, Minnesota.

Myth #1. Everyone Needs to Remove Their Wisdom Teeth

False! Contrary to popular belief, removing your wisdom teeth is not always necessary. We can determine with an oral exam and X-rays to study your tooth structure. In some cases, wisdom teeth may develop without adverse side effects- especially among those with ample space in their bone structure.

Myth #2. Tooth Extractions are Painful

False! Dental extractions are painless. With modern technology, our dentists, Dr. Walter Hunt, Dr. Kyle Hunt, and Dr. Andrew Heinisch, practice the least invasive extraction procedure and medication to keep you comfortable throughout the treatment. We use a tool called an elevator to loosen your tooth, which we then pull out with dental forceps. The process takes only a few minutes. While pain and discomfort may occur after we remove a tooth, it is manageable with appropriate medication and ice packs.  

Myth #3. Recovery is Arduous. 

False! Recovery is a straightforward process. Most discomfort and pain will fade away after a few days, and your tooth’s socket will completely heal in roughly two weeks. As one follows the aftercare instructions, your smile will be back in action sooner than you might think. 

Myth #4. Tooth Extraction Only Removes the Crown

False! A tooth extraction removes the entire tooth- both the crown and root. Because tooth inflammation often lies at the tooth’s base, pulling the whole tooth out to reach the infection is necessary. 

Myth #5. You Don’t Need to Replace an Extracted Tooth

False! Once you’ve extracted a tooth and revealed an open area, it’s essential to replace it. This will keep your smile aligned. Otherwise, it can move out of place over time. Without a replacement, the jawbone is also prone to deterioration and decay. It would also negatively affect your speech, ability to chew, and jaw alignment. Plus, your smile looks better when you have all your teeth!

Myth #6. Extraction is Always the Answer for Infected and Damaged Teeth

False! Tooth extraction isn’t always the best option. As a rule, it’s better to try and save the actual tooth. For example, when the root becomes infected, we perform a root canal treatment, preserving the natural structure and integrity of the tooth. As with all dental procedures, tooth extractions have a time and place. 

Myth #7. Alcohol Helps Heal After Tooth Extraction

False! You should abstain from alcohol 7-10 days after tooth extraction. Alcohol can significantly damage the healing process and lead to dry sockets. When blood clot formations are dislodged and removed via alcohol, it reduces your healing process and can cause infection. 

Myth #8. Use Ice Packs After Tooth Extraction

True! Ice will reduce swelling and help you heal faster. We recommend applying ice packs for 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off for the next 24-48 hours after the treatment. 


Tooth Extractions in Roseville, Minnesota

Now that you’re a tooth extraction expert, what are you waiting for? Personal Care Dentistry uses advanced technology and the latest dental procedures to keep your smile fresh, clean, and healthy. Our at-home dentists, Dr. Walter Hunt, Dr. Kyle Hunt, and Dr. Andrew Heinisch, have your best interests at heart. 

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