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2023 Pet Photo Contest

We had dozens of Personal Care Dentistry patients submit photos of their pets for our Pet Photo Contest. Rather than try to pick the best photos, we randomly chose three winners of the contest. Grand prize winner receives a $50 Visa gift card, and 2nd and 3rd place receive $25 Visa gift cards.

Some folks sent multiple photos of their pet, but we only entered one of the photos in the contest. But the extra photos were so cute that we made sure to include them in our pet photo montage.

We had help from Louis below, our Chief Happiness Officer, in picking the three winners. As you can tell from the photo of Louis, being the head judge was an exhausting endeavor for him.

So here are the winners:

Grand Prize – $50 Visa gift card – Oliver, a tabby cat whose mom is Andria M.
Second Place – $25 Visa gift card – Cookie, whose dad is Terrance L.
Third Place – $25 Visa gift card – Beatrix and Sophie, a pair of Labrador retrievers, whose mom is Samantha R.

We’ll be contacting the winners to arrange getting them their Visa gift cards.

Thanks to all of our patients who submitted their favorite pet to our contest.

Alice D., Amy H., Amy N., Andrew N., Andria M. April M., Becky D., Brooke J., Crystal K., Gabrielle J., Karen M., Kevin D., Meghann M., Marilyn W., Mary L., Nancy V., Nestor R., Ramona S., Robert L., Ryan S., Samantha R., Sara R., Tami Z. and Terrance L

The Winners (selected randomly):

And all the entries:

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