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  • Is Sugar the Only Food That Causes Cavities?

    All Carbohydrates Can Impact Oral Health Many people assume that only sugar causes cavities. Reduce or eliminate sugar from your diet, and you are safe from cavities. That’s actually not correct. You see, cavities occur as a result of tooth decay, and tooth decay occurs when foods containing carbohydrates (sugars and starches) such as breads, cereals, milk,

  • Cool Off Your Summer with a Visit to a Water Park

    Minnesota Has Lots of Water Park Options Both Outdoors and Indoors The end of July and August feature some of the hottest temperatures in Minnesota in the summer. So why not take a day or a weekend to cool off and have a fun day with your family? Check out our list of indoor and

  • The Top 10 Foods for Your Teeth

    Eating the Right Foods Can Build a Good Foundation Did you know that eating the right foods can do as much good for you as regular brushing and flossing? Did you realize that some food and drink will not only help keep your teeth in shape, but also feed them, too? Don’t forget, our teeth

  • The Facts about Whitening Your Teeth

    The Right Whitening Program Can Take Years off Your Teeth Who doesn’t want a picture-perfect smile? After all, it is typically one of the first things you notice when meeting someone. Like dieting and skinny jeans, teeth whitening has become a trend – although it looks as if it’s here to stay for a long

  • Do Your Gums Bleed When You Brush?

    Periodontal Disease Can Lead to Bone Loss Simple Tips to Prevent Periodontal Disease From Progressing You may be surprised to hear that many Americans have some form of periodontal disease. The disease in its most mild form can be seen as inflammation of the gum tissue. More severe cases include major damage to soft tissue

  • July 3-5 Will Feature Colorful and Noisy Celebrations Across the Metro Area

    Fourth of July Fireworks Shows in the Twin Cities The Twin Cities metro area will have no shortage of festivities this Independence Day, so we’ve created this guide to some great places to see fireworks (and often music, too) from July 3-5. THE BIG SHOWS St. Paul: Due to the recent flooding, St. Paul has moved

  • Does Tea Stain More Than Coffee?

    The 7 Worst Foods and Habits That Stain Your Teeth And Three Simple Tips to Minimize Their Impact on A Beautiful Smile Determined to keep those pearly whites their whitest? If you do, then you want to be sure to use a set of simple tips to reduce the ability these 7 foods and habits

  • I Was Built to Be A Dentist

    Dr. Kyle Hunt Joins Personal Care Dentistry Practice Dr. Kyle Hunt’s recent graduation from the dental school at the University of Illinois (Chicago) is the culmination of more than 8 years of college it’s the outcome of several decades of being immersed in a dental family. And Kyle, who recently joined the practice at Personal

  • Crowns Are For More than Kings and Queens

    When Are Crowns For Your Teeth Necessary and What Are Your Options? When you’ve got a bad tooth and your dentist suggests that you need a crown, the options that you are presented with can often be mind-boggling. In this week’s blog, we’ve tried to give you an overview of what types of oral health

  • Take Your Family Mini-Golfing This Summer

    These Courses In The Twin Cities Feature Everything From Pink Kangaroos to Original Sculptures Looking for something new to do this summer with your family? How about that age-old favorite, mini-golf? Here’s a list of courses in the Twin Cities that the whole family can enjoy. These courses have waterfalls, streams, windmills, castles, original sculptures and