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  • Alternatives to a Candy-Filled Halloween

    Every year about this time, when spooky ads abound and grocery aisles are fully stocked with individual-sized candy, you might be pondering whether you should stock up on the sugar-laden treats for the neighborhood kids or should you look for healthier alternatives that won't negatively impact oral health and won't evoke a look of disgust
  • Solutions to the Top 12 Tooth Problems

    From Toothaches to Too Many Teeth – A List of Common Dental Issues Encountered The dentists at Personal Care Dentistry can help you with the 12 oral health problems on this list. Make an appointment that will help your smile. Toothache You’ve made a dentist appointment, and it can’t come soon enough. Meanwhile, it can

  • Are You And Your Toothpaste Compatible? Find Out!

    Brushing your teeth is a no-brainer, but did you know that the type of toothpaste you use could have a big impact on your smile? Whether your teeth are extra sensitive, need added protection, or could simply use a boost in the looks department, chances are there’s a toothpaste out there that fits the bill.

  • Dentists are Disease Detectives

    Your Oral Health Speaks Volumes About Your Body Your mouth performs a range of important daily activities including eating, drinking, talking and smiling. But did you know that your mouth can also provide clues to other diseases? Dentists can act as disease detectives by simply examining your mouth, head, and neck for signs and symptoms
  • Do You Keep Making Excuses to Not Floss Your Teeth?

    Learn the 8 most common excuses and what you can do to solve each one Do you floss? Or, like many people, do you always seem to find a reason not to? A national survey found that only 41% of Americans floss daily, and 20% never floss. That's most unfortunate, because flossing is even more
  • Beating Bad Breath

    Are You Among the More Than 80 Million People Who Suffer? Bad breath (also known as halitosis or malodor) can be embarrassing and tough on those around you. Some people don’t realize their breath could peel paint because others are afraid to tell them. You don’t have to distance the people around you with smelly

  • The Super Seven Foods Good for Your Oral Health

    We have seven super foods for your oral health in our latest Personal Care Dentistry blog. From nuts to chocolate, these foods strengthen your teeth and gums, fight bacteria in your mouth, and scrub or wash away cavity-causing sugars. Eat or drink these super seven and you are bound to have a happier smile! Fruits
  • Tips to a Brighter Smile

    Discoloration of Tooth Enamel Has Many Causes and Several Solutions The color of your teeth is related to a variety of factors. Genetics is one reason your teeth are the shade they are, but there are other contributors to color. Discoloration may be caused by stains on the surface or by changes inside the tooth.

  • Tips to Keep Your Oral Hygiene Routine from Becoming Stale

    A report published by Delta Dental found that almost 70% of Americans brush their teeth at least twice a day. That's a great statistic for those who adhere to the recommended routine, but looking at that number also reveals a more pressing issue: more than 30 percent aren't brushing enough. Also, 23 percent of Americans
  • 5 Tips to Help Kids Get Excited About Oral Hygiene

    Dental care for kids does not have to feel overwhelming. Try to involve your children as much as possible so that they feel excited and empowered about keeping their teeth and gums healthy. Preventative dentistry is fighting against oral problems and doesn’t have to be boring; actually, it can be fun. This is an important